Mine Cable Services Corporation (MCS) designs and manufactures high voltage cable connection systems including high voltage cable couplers in shielded and unshielded 5kV and 8kV, shielded and unshielded 15kV, and 25kV options, in conjunction with cable repair equipment and materials, cable repair training and services, and rental equipment.  MCS also offers various types of SHD-GC mining cable from world reknown cable manufacturers, as well as offering custom designed cable configurations for your specific system requirements.

Mine Cable Services specializes in custom designed and manufactured items in the fields of mining cable, cable couplers, cable repair equipment and vulcanizing cable repair tape, cable reelers, and cable repair shacks.  Cable couplers produced and put into service by MCS around the world are able to accommodate larger diameter cables with higher amperages in a sleek, slender design.  The cable repair equipment and training developed by MCS for a variety of industries is designed to ensure the cable is repaired as close to the original manufacturer's specification as possible including diameter, flexibility, and conductivity.  The large variety of custom designed or standard "off the shelf" cable reelers that have been produced by MCS in the previous 20 years have been put into service in a number of different areas around the world.   Some design options we offer include diesel or electrically powered hydraulic equipment, in portable or stationary units, rail mounted, trailer mounted, or truck mounted.

Also offering a variety of cable handling equipment, MCS designs and manufactures cable repair shacks, high voltage junction boxes, coupler skids, cable vulcanizers, vulcanizer molds, strain relief clamps, posiclamps and posipins, cable stands, cable handling hook sticks, and a full line of mining cable crossover mats.  

Mine Cable Services is 100% Canadian owned with all products designed and manufactured in our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada facility.  Operating in a number of countries around the world, we have been established in industries that include mining, oil and gas, forestry, tunneling operations, and container ports for over 20 years.

From high voltage cable supply, installation and repair, to cable couplers and cable handling equipment, Mine Cable Services is truly your one stop cable shop for full circle solutions.  Please visit our website regularly to stay up to date on new product developments as we make additional product and training materials available online. 

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