Cable Cross-Over Systems

Mine Cable Services offers a wide range of products that support, protect and identify a cable that has to be suspended over  or driven over in an active vehicle route around a minesite or other site..

MCS offers items from the basic tower/rope brake assemblies to the cable grabs to secure the cables in the elevated position; handy ramps and crossover mats for ground level crossings.

We manufacture solid polyurethane rubber based products as well as distribute cast alloy products from Australia. 

The Mine Cable Services (MCS) offers a series of Cable Handling Services (Australia) Cable Cross-over Mats that have been designed specifically for use in the Mining, Forestry, Pulp & Paper, and Oil & Gas Industries. 

By protecting power cables from all types of service vehicles, these Cable Cross-Over Mats help extend the life of your cable jacket and reduce production downtime due to damaged cables.

Cable Cross-Over Mats serve to protect power cables from damage while at the same time directing service vehicles to the correct crossing location.


Cast Polyurethane Rubber Mats...

Light Duty Cross-over Mats

HR24 Handi-Ramps

SX360  - Portable Medium Size Cross-Over Mat

SXR10, SXR20 - Medium Sized Cross-Over Mat 10 feet and 20 feet long

Heavy Duty- Rubber Cross-over Mats

Series 42 Heavy Duty Polyurethane Rubber Cross-Over Mat- Click Here!

Series 54 Extra Heavy Duty Polyurethane Rubber Cross-Over Mat - Click Here!


Cast Alloy Cross-over Mats..

  •  Light Duty (LV) & Light/Medium (LMV) CrossOver

  •  Heavy Duty Steel (HV) Cross-Over Mats




Caterpillar D10 Dozer Crossing over Heavy Duty Steel Cross-over Mat