High Voltage Electrical Hot Gloves & Recertification



High Voltage Electrical Hot Gloves are recommended for use with MCS Cable Handling Hooksticks.  We offer our electrical hot gloves as a complete set, or individual replacement pieces, depending upon your operation's specific requirements. 

MCS also recommends that electrical hot gloves currently in use should be tested once every 12 month period to ensure they are still within their electrical resistance safety margins, a service we also provide to our customers.   


Catalogue Number:  EHG-**-CP

**When ordering, please substitute the hand size of glove you are ordering.

eg.  EHG-12-CP, Electrical Hot Glove set, complete, size 12


Electrical Hot Glove Sets Include:

Rubber Electrical Hot Glove
Leather Outer Glove
Canvas Storage Bag
Initial Test Certificate