"Torpedo" Strain Relief Clamp

The PHW-X Torpedo Clamp is held in place using two steel saddles and two steel retaining clamps.

The PHW-X Torpedo Clamp can be connected to an MCS Satellite Cable Ball using a steel cable or rope and a steel shackle (as illustrated).

When the satellite is lifted by the shovel bucket, the PHW-X Torpedo clamp and cable are lifted and repositioned.

The heavy rubber of the PHW-X Clamp supports the cable, while at the same time allows it to bend in a large radius, thus protecting it from damage.

The Torpedo is generally used in conjunction with the Satellite or similar device near an excavation shovel.  The clamp is applied to the cable itself then connected to the Satellite (or similar device).  When the shovel bucket lifts the Satellite, the cable is protected against severe bending by the Torpedo.  Please refer to Section 9 of our main catalogue for more information.

Cable Sizing Information

Catalogue No:

Cable Diameter:


2.125” – 2.375”


2.250" – 2.500”


2.375” – 2.625”


2.625” – 2.875”


2.875” – 3.125”


3.125” – 3.375”


3.375” – 3.625”

  PHW-X Torpedo Strain Relief Clamp Product Data Sheet 2016