Custom Manufactured Cable Reelers and Cable Reels


Mine Cable Services specializes in custom designed and built cable reelers and cable reels to suit your needs, or to match your systems already in place.  All MCS cable reelers are designed for maximum flexibility in use of operations and can be custom designed and manufactured to customer requirements and specifications.  All components are engineered and manufactured to industrial and mining grade requirements and our variety of  reeling systems can accommodate a variety of cable sizes up to 35kV.  With a variety of options available, MCS cable reelers are available with either hydraulic or electric drive systems, chain drive, gear drive, or rim drive options, and level wind systems.  Remote controls are an available option in either hard wired or wireless models. 

In addition to designing and manufacturing cable reelers, MCS manufactures a variety of cable reels.  Cable reels are available for purchase as individual units, or together with your cable reeler.  MCS manufactures cable reels to match models you may already have in service at your operation, or new custom designed units are available.  

Custom manufacturing is our speciality.  Please contact MCS today to discuss your ideas and requirements for the cable reeler and reels to best suit your needs.


  MCS Cable Reelers General Information 2014.pdf


Truck Mounted Cable Reeler with Swivel Deck and Level Wind

Equipment Mounted Cable Reeler
Slip Ring Cable Reeler
Rim Drive Cable Reeler with Hydraulic Power Pack

Chain Drive Cable Reeler

 Stationary Cable Reeler with Level Wind
Skid Mounted Cable Reeler with Level Wind
Electric Utility Cable Reeler

 Shore Based Cable Reeler

Cable Reeling Trailer with lifting arms
Truck Mounted Cable Reeler - side load
Skid Mounted Cable Reeler - Pontoon Style



 Tunnel Rail Mounted Cable Reeler

Cable Reel Transport Trailer
Hexagonal Cable Reels
Cable Reel Rollers