Cable Repair Equipment & Supplies

 As specialists in high voltage cable repair in the mining, oil and gas, forestry, container ports and tunneling industries, Mine Cable Services offers the following variety of cable repair solutions:  


Vulcanized Cable Repairs 

Vulcanized Cable Repairs are recommended for a permanent repair for all mining and flexible rubber jacketed, shielded cable.  MCS offers a variety of cable vulcanizers to best suite your operation's requirements, including a portable manual vulcanizer,  hydraulic vulcanizer, and a cable vulcanizing oven.  

Cast Splice - recommended for a short term repair where flexibility, low temperature and waterproof performance is not required.

Heat Shrink Cable Repair - recommended as a quick, field applied repair process. Use for Jacket repair only.  The cable should be primarily repaired with a vulcanized cable repair at the earliest opportunity.

Cable Terminations

 Heat Shrink Terminations - offering Raychem prepackaged termination kits, or custom cut termination kits to best suite your needs.

Cold Shrink Terminations - offering Raychem prepackaged termination kits only.


Cable Repair Materials

 Mine Cable Services is pleased to offer our line of cable repair materials including Neoprene and Hypalon jacket repair tape, rubber reinforcing tape, high voltage electrical insulation tapes, along with many others.  Please visit our Cable Repair Materials page for a detail description of all that we offer.