Iron Horse Pipe Stands

Model IH6 and IH12




Iron Horse Pipe Supports have been designed specifically to support gas and oil pipe from 6" diameter up to  12” diameter.  They are rugged, long lasting, light and very practical.  MCS has designed their line of pipe stands to support the weight of the pipes without buckling under heavy weight.  Designed to cradle pipe on your worksite, these pipe stands have convenient handling holes for quick and easy relocation and are easily stackable for transport.  Available in standard colours of orange or yellow, custom colours and company identification are available upon request, and are highly recommended to mark different runs of pipe, and pipes going to different locations. 

Product Specification and Ordering Information:


 Iron Horse Pipe Stand


Iron Horse Pipe Stand


 24" tall
21.5" tall
 Width across the base:
 21.5" diameter
23" diameter
 Weight per unit:
10 lbs.
14 lbs.
Max. Load Rating:
 1500 lbs each
2500 lbs each
Standard Shipping Units:
n/a n/a


 *When ordering Iron Horse Pipe Stands, please indicate your choice of colour, as per the examples below:

IH6/orange, Iron Horse Pipe Stand, 6" saddle, orange

IH12/orange, Iron Horse Pipe Stand, 12" saddle, orange


"Iron Horse" Pipe Stands - IH6 & IH12.pdf