Universal Cable Stands

Models UCS20 and UCS30-BS


Mine Cable Services, for 15 years, has manufactured our line of UNIVERSAL CABLE STANDS to support and identify trailing cable when used with draglines, shovels, drills, pumps and other mining equipment. The octagonal shape of the stand make them very sturdy, and are also rugged, long lasting, light and colorful.  Available in either a 20" or 30" tall model, each cable stand is designed to accommodate cable up to 4" diameter, has highly visible reflective markings, has convenient handling holes, and are available in standard colours of orange or yellow.  Custom colours and company identification are available upon request, and are highly recommended to mark different runs of cable of different voltages, or cables going to different locations.

Effective February 1, 2014 Mine Cable Services introduced in our 30" tall model a new design with the added feature of the cable stand being placed OVER the cable, while maintaining the option of having the cable cradled in the top channel. 


 Product Specifications and Ordering Information:

Product Part Number:    UCS20/xx UCS30/xx-BS 
Height: 20" tall 30" tall 
 Width across the base: 22" wide  26" wide
Weight per unit: 8 lbs.  12 lbs.
Max. Payload per unit: 500 lbs.  1000 lbs.
Standard shipping units**:  50 per pallet  50 per pallet
Approx. pallet shipping weight: 500 lbs.  650 lbs.

*When ordering Universal Cable Stands, please indicate your choice of colour, as per the examples below:

UCS20/orange, Universal Cable Stand, 20" tall, orange

UCS30-BS/orange, Universal Cable Stand with bottom slot, 30" tall, orange

**Although standard pallets are preferred, MCS will accommodate our customers by shipping orders of any quantity.

UCS20 & UCS30 Universal Cable Stands Data Sheet 2014.pdf