F14W-X, "Stinger" Strain Relief Clamp with Polyurethane Liner


1. Stinger Clamp Frame

3. SS Eye Bolt, 1/2" NC

5. Brass Hex Nut, 1/2" NC

2. Nyloc Nut, 9/16" NC


4. Flat Washer, 1/2" Dia.


6. Polyurethane Liner 

Mine Cable Services' F14W-X "Stinger" Strain Relief Clamps are manufactured with a steel shell and replaceable polyurethane rubber liners.  The clamp is designed for use on shovels, draglines, drills and substations where a fixed clamp application is required.


The shell components are available in a variety of sizes, dependent upon your cable diameter ranging from 0.625" to 4.375".  Polyurethane rubber liners are fit into each shell and are sized for a specific cable range.  When closed, the clamp is secured with stainless steel eyebolts and oversized brass hex nuts allowing considerable closing force to be exerted.  The clamp and polyurethane rubber liners were designed to grip the cable over a significant length, while at the same time providing cushioning, which effectively eliminates any cable damage from clamping.


5" Stinger Strain Relief Clamp, standard design for cable diameters ranging from 0.625" to 2.625".  Hinge on one side only.
 6" Stinger Strain Relief Clamp, standard design for cable diameters ranging from 2.625" to 3.125".  Hinge on one side only
6" Stinger Strain Relief Clamp, double clamping design with removable top for cable diameters ranging from 3.125" to 4.375"

 Ordering Information, By Cable Diameter

Use the chart below to choose the correct part number to match your cable diameter

Cat. Number:
Cable Range:
0.625"-0.875" dia.
F14W-B-5 0.875"-1.125" dia.
F14W-C-5 1.125"-1.375" dia.
F14W-D-5 1.375"-1.625" dia.
F14W-E-5 1.625"-1.875" dia.
F14W-F-5 1.875"-2.125" dia.
F14W-G-5 2.125"-2.375" dia.
F14W-GH-5 2.250"-2.500" dia.
F14W-H-5 2.375"-2.625" dia
 Cat. Number:
Cable Range:
F14W-J-6 2.625"-2.875" dia.
F14W-K-6 2.875"-3.125" dia.
 Cat. Number:
Cable Range:
F14W-L-6D 3.125"-3.375" dia.
F14W-M-6D 3.375"-3.625" dia.
F14W-N-6D 3.625"-3.825" dia.
F14W-P-6D 3.825"-4.125" dia.
F14W-R-6D 4.125"-4.375" dia.

  "Stinger" Clamps - F14W-XX.pdf