PLW-X, Strain Relief Clamp

The PLW-X series of Portable Strain Relief Clamps are manufactured from tough & weather resistant polyurethane, stainless steel clamps and a central tension saddle.  The clamp is designed for use on draglines, shovels, drills, substations and pole drops where some flexibility of movement is needed.

 Component Identification

1. Mining Cable

4. Hexhead Bolt, 1/2" NC

 7. Aircraft Cable Sling

 2. Polyurethane Rubber Body

5. Flat Washer, 1/2" SAE

8. Compression Clamp

 3. Steel Saddle

6. Hex Nut, 1/2" NC


The polyurethane body of this style of clamp is composed of two identical halves which allow the relief clamp to be installed on cable already in operation.  Each body is designed to fit a small range of cable diameters (see below for ordering information).  When installed, the clamp is secured with two heavy duty hose clamps and a central steel tension saddle which is connected to the mining equipment by a length of aircraft cable.

This type of clamp is excellent for suspending a length of trailing cable or anchoring a length of trailing cable connected to a junction box, substation or in other applications on the horizontal.  The clamp is designed to grip the cable over an adequate length, while at the same time offering the cushioning effect of rubber.  The clamp eliminates the use of straps, ropes, and other methods which contribute significantly to the damage and subsequent failure of portable mine cable.

  PLW-X Arrowhead Strain Relief Clamp Product Data Sheet

Ordering Information, By Cable Diameter

Use the chart below to choose the correct part number to match your cable diameter.

Catalogue No.

Cable Range:

Catalogue No.

 Cable Range:


0.625" - 0.875" Diameter


 2.250" - 2.500" Diameter


0.875" - 1.125" Diameter


 2.375" - 2.625" Diameter


1.125" - 1.375" Diameter


2.625" - 2.875" Diameter


1.375" - 1.625" Diameter


 2.875" - 3.125" Diameter


1.625" - 1.875" Diameter


3.125" - 3.375" Diameter


1.875" - 2.125" Diameter


 3.375" - 3.625" Diameter


2.125" - 2.375" Diameter