PRW-X, Strain Relief Clamp

Mine Cable Services offers a number of strain relief clamp options; however the most popular by far is the PRW-X “football” strain relief clamp.  Sized according to your specific cable diameters, these PRW’s are manufactured from solid polyurethane and are proven to be rugged and stand up to the wear and tear of daily mining operations. 




1.Mining Cable

4. Hexhead Bolt, 1/2" NC
7. High Tensile Web Strap
 2. Polyurethane Rubber Body
5. Flat Washer, 1/2" SAE
8. Compression Clamp
3. Steel Saddle
6. Hex Nut, 1/2" NC


This model is manufactured using durable, high durometer polyurethane rubber. These clamps come in two halves for installation on cable already in service.  The two halves are secured with two heavy duty hose clamps, a fully recessed galvanized steel saddle, and a high tensile webbing strap. The design of the clamp and steel saddle allow for use on cable reels and in other locations where protruding steel cables and a saddle may cause damage.

This type of clamp is excellent for suspending a length of cable or using it to anchor a length of cable connected to a junction box, substation, or to just above anything on a horizontal because the clamp is designed to grip the cable over an adequate length while at the same time offering the cushioning effect of rubber.

  PRW-X "Football" Strain Relief Clamp.pdf

Ordering Information, By Cable Diameter

Use the chart below to choose the correct part number to match your cable diameter.

Catalogue No.

Cable Range:

 Catalogue No.
Cable Range:


0.625" - 0.875" Diameter

 2.250" - 2.500" Diameter


0.875" - 1.125" Diameter

 PRW-H  2.375" - 2.625" Diameter


1.125" - 1.375" Diameter

 PRW-J  2.625" - 2.875" Diameter


1.375" - 1.625" Diameter

 PRW-K  2.875" - 3.125" Diameter


1.625" - 1.875" Diameter

 3.125" - 3.375" Diameter


1.875" - 2.125" Diameter

 PRW-M  3.375" - 3.625" Diameter


2.125" - 2.375" Diameter