Order Couplers

Please specify the following:

System Voltage:
Shielded or Unshielded:
Ampacity Required:
Plug or Receptacle:
Mounting Type:
Contact Gender: Main
Conductor Size:
Entrance Fitting Size:

5kV, 8kV, 15kV, 25kV
(S)hielded or (Blank) for Unshielded
250A, 400A, 500A, 600A
(P)lug or (R)eceptacle
(C)able, (E)quipment or Junction(Connection) Box
(M)ale or (F)emale
See Table
Based on Cable Diameter
(SS)Solder Connection, (M)Duel Set Screw, (CS)Compression, (Blank)3 Bolt, (TL)Twist Lock (AC)Acme,
Powder Coat (W)hite/(R)ed/(B)lue


Coupler required for a system rated 7.2kV, Equipment current 400 Amps.

Cable 8kV, 4/0 AWG, Cable OD – 2.75, Plug, Male contacts

Cable Mounted, with compression connectors, White Powder coated Finish