Skid Mounted Junction Box

8kV to 25kV

These Skid Mounted Cable Connection Systems are manufactured per customer design.

8kV Heavy Duty Skid Mounted Junction Box

  • 8kV skid mounted junction box with posi-clamp connection.
  • Includes electrical hotstick.
  • Includes microswitches for safety.
  • Padlockable closure.
  • Strain relief entrance plates are standard.
  • Optional coupler entrance.
  • Standard overall dimensions: 49" wide x 38" tall x 104" long.

25kV Skid Mounted Junction Box

  • Entry doors at both ends.
  • Electrical hotstick and microswitches at each door.
  • Posi-clamp connection.
  • Custom paint colours available.
  • Standard dimension; Skid: 108" long x 56" wide; Box: 48" x 48".

Typical Install

  • Typical view of the interior of the junction box.

25kV Type 2

  • Double door entry on one side.
  • Heavy duty padlockable hardware.
  • Posi-clamp connection.
  • Custom paint colours are available.
  • Standard dimensions; Skid: 103" long x 64" wide; Box: 60" x 60" x 36" tall.

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