Portable Manual Cable Repair Vulcanizers

The CV-3000H Portable Cable Vulcanizer has been designed to use heat and pressure to cure a neoprene rubber used in the repairing of damaged high voltage mining cables rated up to 25,000 volts. Once a high voltage cable has been repaired for either a splice or jacket repair, it is placed in an open pair of pre-heated aluminum molds fitted to each cable diameter. The molds are then closed, secured and a timing feature is activated to finish the curing process. The portable cable vulcanizer can accommodate cable mold sizes to 4” diameter.

The Portable Cable Vulcanizer uses a sophisticated programmable electronic controller and timer system to control the temperature of the molds as well as the time needed to cure the cable repair. These features allow the operator to complete the cable repair by curing the splice or jacket repair for up to 100 minutes unattended (60 minutes is preset by MCS).


Portable Cable Vulcanizer - CV-3000H.pdf

The Cable Repair Oven is designed to be easily transportable.

It uses heat and pressure to cure the tapes used to cure the damaged cable.



  • Its own storage and transportation case

  • No molds required

  • Pressure and heat retention tapes required

  • Close diameter tolerance cable repairs

  • Cost effective



  Cable Vulcanizer Oven - CVO-3000.pdf