Cable Repair Services


General Information

Ideally, repairing a cable type SHD-GC should leave the cable jacket and splice with the same properties and characteristics as before the repair.

In this manner, the vulcanized cable repair is the best option, giving the splice better mechanical resistance (traction and abrasion), resistance to water and humidity, resistance to extreme heat and cold outdoor temperature, resistance to oxidization caused by contact to oil and grease, and also resistance to flame.


Advantages of Vulcanized Cable Repair

  • Cable repair is completely waterproof
  • Flexible as the original cable up to -50 degrees C
  • Diameter of the splice is the same as the original cable
  • Conductor connection is similar strength as original
  • Cable jacket repair is strong and resistant
  • System enables the repair of a wide variety and types of cable up to 35kV  

* All North American professional cable repair services use vulcanized cable repair systems

Mine Cable Services Complete Cable Repair Station

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